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One Legged Straw Espadrilles Fisherman Shoes

One Legged Straw Espadrilles Fisherman Shoes

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Product information:

Pattern: stripes
Style: national style
Popular elements: color matching sponge cake with
Color Classification:

A: Classic rice bottom multicolored strips
B: Five classic blue rice
C: Classic blue bottom three white
D: Classic blue plum red orange strips
E: Classic blue rice red orange strips
F: Classic orange rice strips with blue background
G: Classic green-bottomed beige strips
H: Classic red and blue orange strips on white background
I: Classic red bottom three rice
J: classic red strips with rice bottom
K: Classic wide and narrow color strips with rice bottom
L: classic rice bottom wide and narrow black bars
M:  Classic red and blue strips
N:Classic gray and blue strips

Toe style: round toe upper
Height: Low-cut sole
Material: beef tendon

Size information:
Beauty code 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# 10#
China Code 35# 36# 37# 38-38.5# 39-39.5# 40-41#
Foot length 22.2cm 23cm 23.8cm 24.5cm | 25.3cm 26.1cm

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